What will happen in the next days of CryptoGuards, you can follow here
Event & Update
Dec 6, 2021
CryptoGuards Trailer Release: Ready to be Guardian of CryptoCity Metaverse
Dec 7, 2021
Website and whitepaper elease
Dec 8, 2021
Marketing events: AMA, Youtube Review to spread this next step of CryptoCity Metaverse - CryptoGuards to everyone
Dec 9, 2021
Airdrop, Open CCAR & CPAN staking whitelist for IDO
Dec 14, 2021
Announcement of the CCAR & CPAN staking whitelist winners
Dec 15, 2021
IDO 1st for CCAR staking whitelist
Dec 16, 2021
IDO 2nd for CPAN staking whitelist
Dec 16, 2021
Website launching for Unboxing NFT Gun. Limit 30 guns/account
Dec 17, 2021
PancakeSwap listing
Dec 18, 2021
Open withdraw feature. Limit 500 tokens/day
Dec 21, 2021
Open staking pool
Dec 25, 2021
Training mode for farming on website (Play to Earn)
Coming soon...
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